Essay Analysis Of Booker T. Washington

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Historical documents can really impact many lives without many people actually thinking about the impact it has caused. Booker T. Washington gave his speech at the Cotton states and International Exposition in Atlanta on 1895. They decided to designate him to speak to impress the Northern visitors for them to see a well educated African American. The purpose of his speech was to persuade everyone to give AFrican Americans a chance by working hard to earn their respect throughout time. Booker T. Washington delivered his Atlanta Compromise to convince the people that African Americans will earn their respect through time to convince society that there should be equality in the U.S.

During the progressive era, this was a period of social activism and political reform in the Unites States that continued from the 1890’s to the 1920’s. African-Americans faced with constant racism in the form of segregation in many public places throughout this time. This caused for African Americans to want a change in society already and to fight in what they believe they deserve in this nation. This caused them to feel a lot of rage and anger to the rights they should be given. The Atlanta Compromise was written 30 years after the civil war ended causing for a lot of controversy to keep continuing since there is still segregation and racial discrimination continuing in the United States. Tension still continued between different races and Booker T. Washington to ease this by convincing people…

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