Analysis Of Bonaventure 's The Journey Of The Mind Essay

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In Bonaventure’s The Journey of the Mind to God, chapters 1-2 the author describes the steps in the Ascent to God and the Consideration of Him through his Vestiges in the Universe. Chapter one basically focuses more on the external world and their characteristics. The author used these things as a mirror to show the readers the power, wisdom and goodness of God. It gives us a description of the first step of the ladder on the journey of the mind to God. To be able to strive up to God an individual according to Bonaventure, is someone who has happiness, support from God and lastly prayer. As we read on we start to recognize the steps to ascent to God through the material world and through the image of God. The author also describes different ways of perceiving or seeing things. As we move on to Chapter two we read about the thought of God in this visible world. We see the presence of God in the actual things. “God, then, is present in things, and if we analyze our sense knowledge, our enjoyment of sense objects, and the judgments we make concerning them, we would come to realize God’s invisible presence in them.”
In chapter one, we first recognize the importance of three things which are happiness, support and prayer. The author states that happiness is nothing else than the enjoyment of the Supreme good and since the supreme good is above us he has to rise above himself by the journey of his heart. But the people aren’t able to rise above themselves unless the…

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