Analysis Of Bobbie Ann Mason 's Shiloh, Leroy Moffit, A Good Man

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Life Crises In Bobbie Ann Mason’s “Shiloh,” Leroy Moffit, a good man, is facing three life crises. Leroy is having a hard time coping with three areas of his life. They are the following: work, health, and marriage. Job changes or loss can create a very stressful situation for anyone, but for the older workers it can be even harder. Health deteriorates as we age, but when accidents add further obstacles, it can make it almost unbearable. Marriage problems are common within families, but with any changes in employment or health it often leads to divorce.
Leroy Moffit has found himself unemployed after many years of steady employment as a truck driver. He was a long-distance truck driver that rarely had any time off. He had always been a truck driver and his job had provided him with a nice living. He was proud of himself and his success in the trucking field. It gave him a sense of pride and accomplishment. An accident will take him away from his job. He may be unable to be a truck driver anymore. The author points this out because of the devastating effect on Leroy’s hope of going back to work. “Leroy has been collecting temporary disability since his tractor trailer jackknifed in Missouri, badly twisting his left leg in its socket.” (445) Leroy has lots of idle time to enjoy crafting projects. The author lists many projects that show that Leroy is trying to stay busy to pass the time waiting for his leg to heal. It also shows that he is not contributing any money…

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