Essay about Analysis Of Blum 's Racism Theory

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Final Paper: Blum’s Racism Theory

The conceptual implications of Blum’s more nuanced view of race and racism are hard to evaluate preceisely because racial thinking pervades every aspect of life and it is difficult to imagine race meaning anything other than what it currently means. Blum is well-meaning but I think that his work will ultimately be of little practical significance unless people are willing to commit to the difficult work of changing their everyday thoughts, language, and habits involving race. Habits are hard to change, actively working on monitoring your thoughts on a daily basis and resisting the temptation to fall back on racist stereotypes is not something many people would be able to commit to doing for very long. Even if someone doesn’t actively endorse racist thoughts upon reflection, that is the point, it is very hard to stop unconsciously making racist assumptions, the time saved by not actively reflecting alone is reason enough for many to continue being subconsciously racist.
In an ideal world, Blum’s work would positively change the way that people engage in racial thought. There would be less reluctance to openly discuss race with members of other races, less pressure to always be politically correct, less fear of messing up and accused of racism, less risk of being called racist in the first place because there would now be alternative forms of moral reproach other than just racism. So many more dialogues about race could occur if people…

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