Analysis Of ' Blue Beard And The Beast ' And ' Black Bull Of The Moon '

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Many oral traditions have successfully passed on through the centuries, eventually being printed and adapted into what we know as fairy tales. These tales have commonly served as a tool for the older generation to instill lessons and values into the fresh new minds of the younger due to the stories’ effective ability to resonate with children. The relevancy of their teachings has allowed for many of these countless tales to live on well into the modern era. However, their lessons about relationships have become out of touch over the years due to the ever changing societal values of our times that disagree with their messages of male dominance, seen in Blue Beard and Beauty and the Beast, standards for women, in Black Bull of Norroway and East of the Sun and West of the Moon, and women domesticity, in Cinderella and Black Bull of Norroway.
Fairytales’ philosophies on relationships are not as valuable as they once were since their backwards thinking does not fit in our progressive society. In Blue Beard by Perrault, male dominance is a powerful theme that brings into question the…

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