Analysis Of Blood In Blood Out

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Register to read the introduction… It focuses more in the violent crime side of the Latino community. The Latinos in this film are proud of who they are.Blood in Blood out treats Latinos as not being together like “carnales” how they say they are but instead the are killing among each other.

How does this film treat race?

Most of the time Latinos are recognize because of their skin, hair and eyes color. And in the case of Miklo, in order to be recognize as one of them he has to kill an enemy with the same race. This film also treats other race in blacks and whites. In one of the scene of the film when the film focuses in the jail every race is divided all blacks, americans, and latinos are in their separate cells.

What is your analysis of the emotional impact of the film?

Being a Latina, my emotional impact in regards to this film was upsetting. I disagree on the fact that in order to prove what your race is there is no necessity to kill no one and specially of our own race. This film impacted me of the decisions that each actor took. If this film meant that each latino where “carnales”, why hurt and kill within each other. I do not understand how in order for a Latino to have a good time theres have to be drugs and alcohol involved in the Latino

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