Analysis Of ' Bless Me, Ultima ' Essay

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It is common for parents to want what is better for their child, but in order for the child to grow to be a well-rounded and happy person, it is essential for the child to make their own decisions in life. In Bless Me, Ultima, Tony’s life lies on two sides of the river, on the far side are the wild spirited vaqueros who live off the land and have a careless and laid back attitude. On the other side is the Luna family, farmers are portrayed as poised and has a quiet attitude to them. Living in a reality of complete opposites drives Tony to have to choose between the life of the Luna and the life of the Marez. Fortunately for Tony, there is Ultima, a kind spiritual healer and grandmother figure, who has a more spiritual approach towards life and helps mediate Tony’s parents differing opinions. Although Tony is stuck in between three lives, the life of a priest, curandera, and a Marez, all of these influences are beneficial towards Tony discovering his identity

One major influence in Tony’s life would be his mother, because of her devotion to her religion impacts Tony greatly. After young Tony, also known as Antonio, witnesses the murder of Lupito, he is caught between yet another disagreement between his parents and his mother suggested, “Just think the honor it would bring our family to have a priest” (Anaya 31). Maria Luna, is a religious daughter of farmers is someone who has high hopes for her son’s and pray one will become a man of faith, however her eldest has other…

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