Essay Analysis Of Blank Pages No More

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Blank Pages No More “…It seemed such a big task I hadn’t the courage to begin it. I have always hated beginning a story.” (Montgomery 146). Writer’s block is a common predicament for many authors; young and old alike. It silences even the greatest of writers, as Lucy Maud Montgomery indicates in her insightful journal entry titled, Publishing Anne. Writer’s block cannot be generalized, it has separate causes and therefore, separate solutions. Writers often have difficulty producing original ideas when creativity in a written work is absent. Personal issues, causing a specific state of mind, can have a significant impact on an author’s ability to create, thereby hindering their means of communicating effectively. Writers, particularly students, commonly suffer from writer’s block due to a lack of maturity in their writing skills. Identifying the root of the problem allows the writer to use appropriate methods to resolve their specific block. All writers, amateurs and experts alike, will occasionally experience a psychological barrier when writing. However, it is the truly talented writers who encounter writer’s block and overcome it. Creativity is an essential aspect of the writing process; allowing for originality and excitement in a written work. When it is lacking, the writing becomes tiresome and unimaginative, provoking writer’s block. The vast array of subjects available to students is staggering, locating a specific topic can discourage a writer and leave them…

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