Analysis Of Black Swan Green By David Mitchel Essay

1043 Words May 31st, 2016 5 Pages
During one’s teenage years, how he or she is viewed by others often have a huge impact on their mindset, decisions, and actions. In Black Swan Green by David Mitchel, the reader follows a year of Jason Taylor’s life. Going through adolescence, he faces the pains of growing up: pressures from a divided household, a stutter that affects his ability to speak under pressure, and bullying from his fellow classmates. While he initially craved popularity, his experiences throughout the novel caused him to change paths. Jason’s decision to give Ross Wilcox’s wallet back shows that he sees morality being more important than popularity as a result of his own isolation from society. In the beginning of the novel, Jason tries to fit into society by being popular. His school has a social hierarchy centered on popularity that affects his decisions. Certain characteristics or actions results in one being labeled as “gay”. In “Bridle Path,” Jason is on a walk, but is unable to say it because “You can’t just say, ‘I’m out for a walk’ ‘cause walks are gay” (77). Instead, he provides an excuse to prove he was not a part of the lower spectrum that partakes in “gay” activities. In “Spooks,” he again tries to conform to society by joining a secret gang that has a reputation of only accepting the most popular kids. However, to do so, he needs to pass a demanding physical and emotional test. Upon completion, Jason is shown to be extremely happy which is evident by his joy of finally achieving…

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