Essay on Analysis Of Bill O ' Reilly

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Bill O’Reilly is a tv talk show host for Fox News. He is a journalist by trade and at one time he was a high school history teacher. Bill O’Reilly has also authored or coauthored many books including the one we are about to discuss. Killing Lincoln was written as if you are looking through the character’s eyes. Bill O’Reilly was a high school history teacher and even admits in the forward of the book Killing Lincoln he was surprised at all the conspiracies when they started writing the book. Bill O’Reilly had a co-author Martin Dugard. He and Bill O’Reilly have written several books together. .Martin Dugard is a historian as well as a New York Times Best selling author. Martin Dugard seems to immerse himself into becoming the characters of his books by doing extensive research, he even traveled through Spain as research for his book on Columbus. Martin Dugard is an avid runner as well and even coaches a high school track team that has won several state titles. This book shines a light on the 7 people and plot to kill President Lincoln and members of his cabinet.
Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that changed America Forever told a story of the last days of the civil war leading up to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln from the eyes of the characters, mostly the main character John Wilkes Booth. Killing Lincoln is broken up into four parts, the first of which covers the surrender of General Lees army, the second part covers…

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