Analysis Of Beyonce Knowles 's ' The ' Run The World ' Girls '

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Girls run the world! That is what Beyoncé Knowles-Carter proposed in her 2011 single “Run the World (Girls)”. A music video, starring Beyoncé as the leader of a band of women, confronting and conquering a rival band of men, was released alongside the song. Since its release, the video has garnered over 280 million views and received critical praise for its inspiring message (Wieselman). While it is true that Beyoncé’s song delivers an unapologetic message of women empowerment, this message obscures underlying racism and sexism within the video and lyrics. Throughout the lyrics and music video, Beyoncé shows women as powerful agents of their own desire, capable of dominating and captivating men. The chorus “Who run the world? Girls” is repeated continuously throughout the song, nearly to the point of exhaustion, along with similar phrases like “Who run this mother? Girls.” This continued repetition solidifies the song’s unapologetic declaration that women do, in fact, run the world. This is also evident in the video’s opening dance scene where two men mirror Beyoncé’s dance moves, as if they are puppets subject to Beyoncé’s whims. At the video’s conclusion, Beyoncé tears a military badge off the rival leader and dons it herself, showing the usurpation of power from men by women. These visuals present women as superior to men and support the claim the “girls run the world.” The message that women “run the world” is an example of the postfeminist narrative that Shauna…

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