Analysis Of Beyonce Knowles 's ' If I Were A Boy ' Essays

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Social psychology is designed to understand the frequent experiences humans face on a daily basis. Social psychology is the study of the way people think about, influence, and relate to each other. The implications gender roles and stereotypes have on our day-to-day lives are evident in movies, poems, books, and songs and the language used in the media we are exposed to helps to shape our perception of a given topic. Beyoncé Knowles, known as one of the most influential female voices of our generation, explores gender roles and stereotypes in her song “If I Were a Boy.” Beyoncé’s role as a mother, a pioneer in sexual exploration, and her ability to cultivate a healthy marriage establishes ethos in addressing the effect gender roles have on relationships. The song tells the story of a woman, whom upon reflecting on her relationship with a man who took her for granted, believes had she been of the male gender she would have been able to act in a manner that would ultimately counter the hurt and upset she experienced. She would defy the male gender stereotypes and treat women “better.” The song highlights the differences that are attributed to a sex biologically, while also portraying the differences our society has constructed for the genders in society.
This song serves as prime example of the effect the traditional roles that have been socially constructed have had on healthy relationships. Beyoncé challenges the gender stereotypes that are prevalent in today’s society…

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