Essay on Analysis Of Bevin Alexander Dug Deep Into Various Civil War

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The Civil War is something in American history that is held at a different standard than most things. It’s the one and only time we have ever fought against ourselves. The outcome of this war changed history forever. Have you ever imagined what our country would be like if the South would’ve defeated the North? In How the South Could Have Won the Civil War, Bevin Alexander explains that the South made a lot of fatal errors that cost them the war and if they hadn’t of made these errors, they could have been victorious.
Brief Summary In this book, Bevin Alexander dug deep into various Civil War battles and instances that really cost the South. If the outcomes of these wars or events were different than the South could of had a better probability of beating the stronger, more industrialized North. Something that the author keeps constant throughout this book is the miscommunication of three of the South’s top commanders. Those three were Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Robert E. Lee’s strategy was to play defense and attack the North when the opportunity was there. Jefferson Davis wanted to fight a very defensive war. Stonewall Jackson wanted to take it to the North and specifically go after the North’s will to win and there resources. All these things, plus the fact that the South was outnumbered and out resourced lead to the ultimate defeat and Union victory. Alexander stresses the fact that the South with their advantage in military…

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