Analysis Of Bernadine Healy 's Argument On Legalizing Marijuana

1069 Words Nov 1st, 2016 5 Pages
Bernadine Healy’s argument in the essay Legalize Marijuana? Obama Has the Right to Say No is based on the government having the right to regulate usage of marijuana. Healy claims individuals want marijuana legalized because they see marijuana as a recreational purpose which blinds them from seeing that they are deviating from social situations. Healy’s criticism of individuals who are for the legalization of marijuana only see a reason for legalization because of recreational use. In fact there are many reasons why legalizing marijuana, especially for recreational use, would benefit our country. According to Geoff Pallay, Editor as well as Chief on Ballotpedia who is sponsored by the Lucy Barns Institute, in addition to, being recognized by The New York Times as well as The Washington Post, legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes creates a tax benefit which would boost our economy. This would create two new taxes which are: cultivation and retail (Ballotpedia: 2007). The revenue from those taxes would be spent on “drug research, treatment, and enforcement, health and safety grants, youth programs, and preventing environmental damage from illegal growing of marijuana” (Ballotpedia: 2007). The individuals who are for legalizing marijuana know recreational use is only part of the continued benefits. Another benefit would be lowering the non-violent crime rates, in addition to, protecting our societies. Police officers are wasting their time tracking down marijuana…

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