Essay on Analysis Of Benjamin Franklin 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Benjamin Franklin in writing his autobiography showed in his life what he thought was a model character. Franklin was not a very religious man himself. He found value out of religion because it tended to help people become better than they were and gave them virtues to live. Franklin tells readers that he lives his model life by living thirteen virtues that he has picked out himself to be the most important. These virtues if done correctly could lead to a morally perfected person. By going through each of Franklin’s virtues, readers can see how Franklin lived his own life as well as see how Franklin deemed himself to be a model character.
The first of Franklin’s virtues was temperance. Franklin thought it was really a waste of money to buy alcohol. He liked having a plain breakfast every morning from his wife. (45) Having only bread and milk with not even tea was something that he boasts of in his autobiography.
Franklin saw speech as an instrument to express how smart you were. Silence was a wise decision if you could not add anything to the conversation that would not enlighten either yourself or others. Silence would also help to avoid mundane conversation. (48)
Franklin writes in his biography “Let all your things have their place, let each part of your business have its time.” (48) Order was the hardest for Franklin to master. He ends up never completely mastering order but writes that he is a better person for trying. (52)
Resolution was the fourth virtue. It is…

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