Analysis Of ' Beloved ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Beloved is written in such a way that the narrator, time, and place change throughout the story. Though it can leave the reader questioning exactly what is going on, and even who is narrating at times, this enhances the way in which the story is told. It invites the reader into what is occurring and what has occurred in the characters’ past rather than simply being told. These changes, particularly those in time, demonstrate the strength of their affect, the adjustment in interpretation, and how they occupy real time. Sethe is brought back to her experiences at Sweet Home often throughout the novel. Rather than Morrison simply spelling out that Sethe is thinking back to that time or another common method for writers to explain how their characters memories are being shown, the reader is brought immediately into that memory as if it is happening in the moment. Though it can be confusing, particularly before the reader adjusts to this style, it is especially strong due to the ways in which Sethe remembers her time in slavery. Carden says, “Although the borders and defining characteristics of the place of dehumanization may have vanished from sight, its affects and effects--its event--remain. Slavery is remembered but is more than a memory; its immediacy and material consequences resist resolution.” The reader is able to experience these memories of slavery the same way Sethe does. They are without her control and come about as if they just occurred or are actively still…

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