Essay on Analysis Of Bell Hooks, The Pen Name Of Gloria Watkins

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Bell hooks notes that films and television shows may not be so forward-thinking when it comes to depictions of poverty. Bell hooks is the pen name of Gloria Watkins, a cultural critic, scholar, and prolific writer. She has a wide range of intellectual interests, and her many books on race, gender, politics, and popular culture are taught frequently in both undergraduate and graduate courses. She is well-known for her collaborations with prominent scholars such as Cornel West on projects related to activism and spirituality. Hooks also co-edited a collection of essays on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, What Lies Beneath: Katrina, Race, and the State of the Nation (2007). She state the culture cities rarely talk about the poor. Most of us use words such as “underclass” or “economically disenfranchised” when we speak about being poor. Poverty has not become one of the new hot topics of radical discourse. She acknowledged the existence of four groups: the poor, who were destitute; the working folks, who were poor because they made just enough to make ends meet; those who worked and had extra money; and the rich.
She use she personal experiences to illustrate her arguments. She had a “poor” background, she father worked as a janitor at the post office, but the fact that they have seven children in her family meant that they often faced economic hardship in ways that made children at least think of themselves as poor. On TV, many shows…

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