Essay on Analysis Of ' Bell Hooks ' A Conversation With Laverne Cox

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“Transgender People in The Media” When thinking about gender and the media, I am immediately drawn to the work of Laverne Cox. As stated in “Bell Hooks: A Conversation with Laverne Cox,” Laverne is an award-winning actress, producer and advocate for not only transgender women, but women of color and anyone who goes against the status quo. For my main source, I have chosen to use the dialogue from the inaugural talk with Bell Hooks and Laverne Cox at The Bell Hooks Institute, “a new center in Berea (Kentucky) dedicated to critical thinking and contemplating the intersectional issues of race, gender, and class” (Hooks 25). This talk that occurred in 2015, highlights what Laverne hopes to accomplish through playing different roles on camera and how to be a good role model.
Their talk begins with Bell Hooks talking about Cox’s character Sophia Bursett on Orange is the New Black, a television show on Netflix. Hooks discusses that while she saw problems with the show itself, looking at Laverne Cox she loved everything about her character. Both Hooks and Cox continue to talk about the influence on one another, specifically in terms of being an African American woman who holds power in the media. One of Cox’s goals being a public figure is, “advocating for trans folks, and often trans folks of color,” (Hooks 30) She goes on to talk about creating subversive moments and her work on Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, a show appearing on MTV documenting the lives of several young trans…

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