Analysis Of ' Being Sociable ' Essay

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Being Sociable Being sociable means that you get along well with others; and getting along with them means that you are less likely to be rejected by them. To the extent that there are more beneficial opportunities with others than without them, Holmes was correct: “It does pay to have people like to have you around.” And, to the extent that a healthy mind contributes to a healthy body, the personality that express wholeness and well-being is an asset to one 's health. This is also epitomized in the financial aspects of one 's life. Holmes writes on pg. 59: “The rewards of a God-like personality are beyond computation. It holds the secret to abundance.” He goes on to explain that a God-like personality is expressed in one 's ability to bring all their capabilities to bear on a situation, being agreeable, kindly, considerate, tolerant, meeting no opposition, being graceful. These are spiritual qualities that bless our life with happiness.

PQ / IQ In comparing one 's Personality Quotient to one 's Intelligence Quotient Holmes points out the benefits of one 's personality over their intelligence. Study after study reveals that a poor personality (inability to get along with others) resulted in lost jobs and lost wages, and individuals with a demonstrably higher intelligence were more often making lower wages than those who had a higher personality quotient. These generalizations merely support what has long been observed about living in society: it 's not what you…

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