Beef Meals Research Paper

DIAMOND NATURALS Adult Dry Dog Food – Beef Meal and Rice Formula Proteins: 25.0% minimum (beef meal, egg product, chicken fat, pea protein) Fats: 15.0% minimum (omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseeds, coconut) Calories: 329 kcal/cup Vitamins and Minerals: many beneficial vegetables and fruits; flaxseed; zinc, selenium; vitamin E; beta carotene; iron; copper; potassium; vitamin B1, B6, and B12; manganese; vitamin A; biotin; calcium; sodium; vitamin D; fiber (4.5% max.) Preservatives and Bad Stuff: mixed tocopherols (not harmful); dried yeast (can have a negative effect); combination of meat and grains (not good for digestion) AAFCO approval: yes

The MUST Know: True Facts about Diamond Naturals Adult Dry Dog Food – Beef Meal and Rice
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Switching from your dog’s old food too quickly may cause an upset stomach. Make the transition time from seven to fourteen days, changing the ratio gradually from the old food to this new food.
- Do not feed to puppies; it is meant for adult dogs only.
- As with any dog food, make sure to check the ingredients list for any foods your dog may be allergic to.
- Make sure to store this dog food in a cool place with little to no humidity. Better than storing in a bag, a bin or container would be a better option to protect from infestation. After finishing one bag, be sure to clean the bin/container with hot water and soap.
- Feeding guides come on the back of the product packaging; to find out how much food to feed your dog based on his or her size, refer to the guide.
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However, it has been known to cause digestion problems in some dogs; thus, your dog should be monitored during the transition from old food to this new food. Nevertheless, this food is made up of much better ingredients than most dog foods on the market today. It has made dogs everywhere excited to dive in to their food at meal time; yet at the same time it provides a satiating and filling meal in smaller amounts than many dog foods. Try it out and find for yourself and your furry friend how Diamond Naturals Adult Dry Dog Food Beef Meal and Rice Formula works for

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