Essay on Analysis Of ' Beasts Of The Southern Wild '

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Us Against Them: Classism and Capitalism Beasts of the Southern Wild, We Have Always Lived in the Castle and Gun Hill Road have an emphasis on the combative mindset between two opposing forces as distinguished by class or by capitalism, and by the structure of capitalism. In Beasts of the Southern Wild, these subjects present in duality when the inhabitants of the Bathtub are forcibly removed from their land by a “more advanced” society, and in We Have Always Lived in the Castle, it is seen when the angry mob of villagers destroy the Blackwoods’ house, as they seemingly resented them for their wealth, for in the eyes of the villagers, their riches were undeserved. In Gun Hill Road, the low-class Rodriguez family, whose child had to transition illegally due to lack of financial and familial support, was separated for a second time by the police, much like how Wink was separated from Hushpuppy, also feels the detrimental affects of capitalism. All three sources explore classism and capitalism under a lens of disastrous situations. Beasts of the Southern Wild features capitalism as a destructive force. Hushpuppy, the main character, witnesses the collapse of the home she once knew; neighbors evacuate, her house is burned and flooded alongside her father’s, who admits to having a terminal illness. Hushpuppy is also troubled with visions of aurochs being released from melting icecaps. Despite these already distressing circumstances, Hushpuppy and her clan of pariahs attempt…

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