Analysis Of Be Good Little Migrants By Uyen Nhu Loewats

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Body Paragraph 2
As years pass and we come to a more recent period in Australia’s history, racism had slowly decreased after the stolen generation, but still upheld in the Australian society. Migration, a controversial topic in the Australian media, literature and politics with thousands upon thousands of immigrants fleeing whether from a war torn country or a place they faced an uneasy upbringing to Australia. Thus prompting the opinions among the Australian Society of what makes an individual truly ‘Australian’. Migration can be described as a time when people move to another country whether for economic benefit, work, money, or moving away from war. Migration is usually confined with poorer countries, due to poor living conditions and/or
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This poems message is that how we reject and offend migrants for who they are and how we reject their culture and how it is seen through the eyes of a migrant. The repetitiveness of ‘Be Good, little migrants’ is conveying that the government forces the migrants to obey the laws. The use of assonances throughout the poem keeps a flow to exhibit the emotion in that particular part of the poem. “Be good, little migrants We’ve saved you from starvation war, landlessness, oppression Just display your gratitude but don’t be heard, don’t be seen” (stanza 1). This stanza is trying to show that although the white settlers gave commodities to the migrants and saved them from starvation and many other things thus in turn they ask the migrants to remain hidden and quite, showing the injustice that they had towards the migrants. “Be good, little migrants We’ve given you opportunity for family reunion equality, and status, though your colour could be wrong” (stanza 4). This Stanza is telling the migrants to be good as they have been given opportunities even they their colour could be wrong. This implies that because of their colour they shouldn’t be given much opportunities, thus saying that they are different than them and they should have less rights than them, due to them having a different skin colour, religion or

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