Analysis Of Batter My Heart Three Person D God

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The persona and God are implied as a broken pot and a tinker. The persona compares himself to a broken pot to express his broken heart. The persona is implied as a sinner, hence he is damaged and broken. The persona complains that God is being too gentle. God is only “knocke, breathe, shine and seeke to mend” (“Batter My Heart, Three-Person’d God” l 2) to try to help the persona. To knock is only being polite. Breathing is a simple involuntary action. Shine is just a light glimmer. Mending is just piecing something back together. The persona wants God to be harsh and rough with his heart. The persona wants God to mould him into something new. Against the persona wishes, God treats him kindly and tries to mend him. He wants God to destroy him …show more content…
The town had previously belonged to God, but has now been overpowered by someone who is not supposed to be in control. The town belongs to a greater force; the usurper. This usurper is interpreted as the devil. The persona is struggling to let God in because of the greater force. He wants God to take his town back from the usurper. God’s power of logic and knowledge is the viceroy of the town. The viceroy proves to be weaker than the usurper. God is not doing his job properly, because he is not defending the persona from the usurper. The theme as in the first quatrain shows that God is not doing his duties properly, and the persona deeply criticizes him for it. God’s reason is too weak to face the usurper. The weak reason does not restrain the persona from sinning. Once again the persona blames God and his reason for not being strong and harsh enough to fix him. God’s reason was captured by the usurper. This proved him to be weak and untrue to …show more content…
The persona claims he is in love with God, and would happily be loved by God. Unfortunately he is in an unwanted betrothed to the devil. The persona has requested that God “Divorce mee, ‘untie, or breake that knot againe,” (“Batter My Heart, Three-Person’d God” l 11). He has requested a harsh action from God in order to save himself. The Persona wishes God to imprison him after he has broken the knot of the betrothal. This is to keep him away from the devil and more sins that he could do. The persona needed to be enthralled in order to be free. If God did not subjugate the persona, he would never be free. To be enthralled has a second meaning to it; to captivate and charm. The persona may be asking God to keep him intrigued. He wants God to take the place of the fascinating devil. For the persona to be free, he needs to be imprisoned by God, while also being captivated by God. The persona wants to be ravished; filled with strong emotion and to be seized and carried off. This is his wishes of being enthralled by both imprisonment and to be captivated by God. The persona desires a chaste life; being pure, virtuous, and moralistic. The only way he can achieve this is if forcibly done so by

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