Analysis Of Bartels And Edelm A Comparative Critique Essay

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Bartels and Edelman : A Comparative Critique
In the essay “The Myth of Co-Parenting: How It Was Supposed to Be. How It Was” by Hope Edelman, and “My Problem with Her Anger” by Eric Bartels, Edelman and Bartels both share their views of their roles in their marriages. Edelman arguing that her husband did not do enough to contribute to the relationship, where Bartels states that he does do work in his relationship and does not receive enough credit for it. Though both of these arguments take opposing sides of a similar argument, their rhetoric does share a strong likeness. Edelman and Bartels both use rhetoric specifically designed to persuade agreement and sympathy out of the opposite sex.
The nature of the viewpoints that each author shares gives the audience the predisposition to agree with whichever author is the same gender as them. Female audience members agreeing with Edelman saying that yes, husbands such as hers do need to do their fair share of lifting around the house, even with their own workload, and male audience members agreeing with Bartels that his wife does need to control her emotions and give credit for the things that Bartels has done for her. However, the goal of both of the authors is not to just rally agreement from the people that already agree with them, but rather to attempt to persuade the readers that would disagree with their viewpoint. Both of the authors do this through manipulation of their rhetoric by both dramatizing events in their…

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