Analysis Of Barn Burning By William Faulkner Essay

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Throughout early history, women have always been viewed as inferior and as modern society challenges these ideas, women are recognizing when they are being treated poorly. The feminism theory focuses on the role of women in society and how the world is affect/unaffected by their presence. In Barn Burning, Where Are you Going, Where Have You Been, and A Good Man is Hard to Find, the men continually display their superiority over women through fear tactics. Men have an overpowering psychological impact on the women in all three stories by prying on the women’s weaknesses and putting them in inferior psychological standings.

In Barn Burning, Faulkner does not give great detail to the female characters. Abner’s wife, the mother, remain nameless. This alone devalues her character, dehumanizes her, and demonstrates her lack of authority in the family. Throughout the story the mother submits to whatever it is that her husband tells her to do with only the occasional weak protest. When her son is injured, her motherly instinct kicks in and she tries to help him. Whenever Abner tells her to leave her son alone, however, she is reluctantly forced to do so. The power that Abner has over his wife and the fear that the wife has for Abner is so strong that it overpowers her motherly instincts for her own child. It is safe to assume then, that Abner is likely violent towards his wife and possibly even his children. This would cause the wife to be so afraid of Abner and not to stand up…

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