Essay about Analysis Of ' Barbie Doll ' By Marge Piercy

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Standards or Subversion In this day and age, the American society especially, women and girls are too often targeted to dislike their self image. Thanks to media, magazines, models, and society standards, the image of a normal woman has been twisted into an unobtainable image. Marge Piercy 's “Barbie Doll” perfectly defines this thought, and shadows a woman who feeds into the pressure of a better image. Let it be noticed that this piece was written in the late 60 's, and compare the harsh and drastic change from the “perfect woman” from that day and age to now. The comparison is exquisite, seeing as the pressure was so strong in that day and age, and even more so now. The pressure for the perfect image has been and will be an ongoing race. The short story 'Barbie Doll ' starts off by painting an image of a young girl, who grows up with the image of a woman 's life and duties planted in her mind. “Presented with dolls, and miniature GE stoves, and wee lipsticks the color of cherry candy.” (Piercy) Immediately, she was placed unknowingly into the place of a girl, the standards that we are born to do, born to be. Growing up with this most likely put that idea into her own mind, and transitioning into puberty made it all the worse. She began to change, displayed the knowledge, health and strength anyone would be lucky to have. Yet, going into puberty, “everyone saw a fat nose on thick legs.” (Piercy) I remember being that girl, not pretty, yet not bad looking. I was average,…

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