Analysis Of Barbara Kingsolver 's Poisonwood Bible Essay

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Death is a hard concept to accept and may never be understood. Everyone will know someone who will die while they are still alive and they will have to cope with their loss, this is inevitable. For some, this task appears to be easier than others. But it is crucial that it is dealt with or it may fester into a number of other separate incidents. There are some ways to deal with problems that are more positive and helpful than others. Although the process amy be difficult, it is worth it to ensure healing. In Barbara Kingsolver 's Poisonwood Bible, the Price family suffer the loss of their youngest member, Ruth May: daughter of Orleanna and Nathan Price and sister to Leah, Adah and Rachel. Similarly, In Ann-Marie MacDonald 's Fall on Your Knees, the Piper family losses both daughter and sister in Kathleen Piper and a mother in Materia Piper. The loss of a child or sibling is one of the most difficult losses for the entire family. Both of these families experience this loss, but their coping skills are key to the rest of their families lives. When a family loses a child, each member reacts differently, depending on their relationship to the child, however the more positive way to react is to be more involved with their living family members. To begin with, Orleanna in Kingsolver 's The Poisonwood Bible and Materia in MacDonald 's Fall on Your Knees both lost their daughter. They both have grieved their loss, but it is in the way they grieved that has determined their…

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