Analysis Of Ava Dunbar 's ' The Blonde ' Essay

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Ava Dunbar remembered the day as if it hadn’t hapened more than ten years ago. The teary eyes, the goodbyes, the way she saw her parents fight and how painful it was to see them separate. The way her mom left with her brother, the way she was stuck with her dad. It started with her crying, every night, then it became hate, she despised her mother. Her own pain would channel through her atittude, at such young age, most people thought it was a reaction to the painful divorce. A reaction to feeling alone, to not having her baby brother, to not being the perfect family despicted in movies. The blonde grew up, her hatred and bad atittude along with her. She saw her father and herself as a victim, haating every single aspect of her mom. She hadn’t seen her in years and the only communication they had was when Ava had the decency to pick up the calls or send a card every once in a Christmas. She didn’t know much about the man she had married, maybe a thing or two about him being a doctor, but as her mom’s life seemed to get better, her just got worse.

As High School rolled in, young Ava took no time in becoming known as the leader of the popular clique. A group of children who were made up of two things, lack of interest and a build up ego along with a lot of money. A secret she always had held was that her step mother, a woman her father married probably due to love, or the abundance of wealth, was the benefactor of the lavish lifestyle she held. Ava would be nothing but an…

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