Analysis Of August Wilson 's ' The Piano Lesson ' Essay

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In August Wilson’s The Piano lesson, we see what seems to be the irresolute struggle of a woman that dwells on her family’s past and seemingly cannot move on. Berneice Charles, a main character is the sister of Boy Willie, and they are the direct descendants of an enslaved family, living in Pittsburgh during the early 20th century. Throughout the text, Berneice experiences many struggles, which are the result of her inability to accept her family’s troublesome past and embrace her legacy. The Charles family was enslaved and owned by the Sutter family even until early in Berneice’s life. Following their freedom, Berneice loses her dearly loved mother, and her husband. Berneice lost her husband during a sad incident. Her husband, her cousins, and her brother Boy Willie attempted to steal wood, and after they’d gotten caught her husband was unable to flee with the rest, and consequently, his life was taken. This was very important, because Berneice had been surrounded by trouble makers her whole life, who caused nothing other than sadness for Berneice and her mother. Berneice’s father was a criminal, as well as her brother Boy Willie. Boy Willie is s a strong reminder to Berneice of her father and his past troubles that caused heartbreak for the Charles family. In the Piano Lesson, Berneice struggles to accept her family history as African American Slaves, which reveals her struggle to embrace her legacy. The Charles family was enslaved and owned by the Sutter family, who…

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