Analysis Of August Wilson 's ' Fences ' Essay

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Fences: A Reflection of August Wilson 's Childhood The award winning play Fences is not just a work of fiction from the mind of August Wilson, but rather it is the reflections of a middle-aged man back to his adolescent years. Instead of creating characters and locations from scratch for his third play, August Wilson infused parts of his childhood and neighborhood to form a story that mirrors the people in his life in many different ways. This becomes especially evident in the main character, Troy Maxson, and the setting in which Wilson places the character. It is unknown whether Wilson consciously chose to adapt Maxson 's life from his childhood, but the success of Fences is due to the audience 's ability to relate to the characters and the circumstances of their lives. August Wilson was born on April 27, 1945 in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fences is set in the 1950 's, and while the location of the play is not expressly stated in the play, The Greene Space claims in its article “11 Things You Should Know About August Wilson” that “All, but one of Wilson 's plays - Ma Rainey 's Black Bottom – are set in Pittsburgh 's Hill District.” After searching through Fences for clues as to where the character Troy Maxson lives, I found four different street names mentioned in the play. A quick map search of Logan St. (1057), Brady St. (1085), Mercy Hospital (1060), and Passavant Hospital (1063), showed that they are all located within a few miles of each…

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