Analysis Of Audre Lorde ' S Message On Fighting One 's Fears Essay

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Edie and Thea are great examples of Audre Lorde’ s message on fighting one’ s fears. Audre Lorde was an African American lesbian poet who wrote about how language is powerful and that silence never helps a person to get their argument across. Being an African American woman who was a lesbian, Lorde said that she was disrespected for her race as well as her sexuality. Lorde plays a crucial role in second wave feminism because she advocated for feminism and civil rights. Edie and Thea are two lesbian lovers who prove that a homosexual relationship deserves the same rights as a heterosexual relationship. They both supported each other through every part of their relationship. They both were fearless of what society thought of their relationship or how people saw them differently. Edie and Thea’ s relationship relates to Audre Lorde’ s, The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action (1978), because Edie and Tea both did not remain silent about their relationship, even though it went against the “social norms”. They both shared a strong bond with each other throughout their forty-two year old relationship. Audre Lorde talks about how fighting silence is like fighting a war because it teaches people to be strong, and Edie and Thea both did not remain silent because they openly expressed their feelings towards one another. Edie and Thea stayed true to their relationship and they did not let others beliefs get in the way of their’ s which is a concept that Lorde implies…

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