Essay on Analysis Of ' As I Lay Dying '

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In As I Lay Dying, Faulkner creates a frantic, and conceited world with very little room for success. As the book progressed through the journey of burying Addie, the scene of despair never changes. While a satisfying conclusion brings in happiness to the readers, Faulkner’s unsatisfactory endings of the Bundrens delivers pain and misery to the readers, and that may well be what the mood he wants the audience to feel. Through the use of unexpected events, Faulkner cultivates a realistic expectation of a dysfunctional family and keeps moving forward with the theme of suffering and mistrust. Furthermore, it also gives an insight on the writing style of the author.
Through the use of unexpected events the readers never anticipated the outcomes for most characters. However, looking back to the novel as a whole, there were hints of what was coming up later on. From the beginning, Anse Bundren was shown as lazy, cheap and selfish. He never advanced as a character that changing in any way. To Anse, he always gets what he wants and it is no different when he really meant that he wanted new teeth, “Now I can get them teeth”(52). Along the way of the journey, he found a new wife, “Meet Mrs. Bundren” (261). On the other hand, Darl was served a different fate of being locked up in an asylum. Dewey Dell’s betrayal to Darl can be seen when she has anxiety every time she is with him, “They begin at my feet and rise along my body to my face, and then my dress is gone…and I killed Darl”…

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