Analysis Of ' As I Lay Dying ' Essay

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Faulkner’s southern gothic novel, As I Lay Dying, has a uniqueness to it that is demonstrated in the way he chooses to tell this story. The Bundren Family, the family whom the story centers around, make up the majority of the stories narration with a few chapters in the point of view of outsiders. The story centers around the journey the Bundren Family takes to Jefferson to bury Addie Bundren, the mother of the family. The story is narrated by fifteen different people, seven of which are Bundren’s. Throughout the progression of the story, the events are not told in a linear fashion and several of the same events are described in the eyes of various types of people, making many of the narrators unreliable. The various narrations help us to understand some of the characters without having to see everything in their biased point of view. Faulkner chose to have various narrators in this novel to show that human beings are not limited by time and space but rather everything in the past continues on, even after we die. Although many of the characters in As I Lay Dying narrate the same events, some contradict each other in what actually happened. Cora Tull, the Bundren Family’s neighbor, saw Darl Bundren as Addie’s favorite son. When Darl went to see his mother before he and Jewel left, Cora believed “that it was between [Addie] and Darl that the understanding and the true love was” (24). Cora, however, could not have been more wrong in her observation. Addie had even…

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