Analysis Of ' Arm Wrestling With My Father ' Essay

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The contrasting and comparison of both stories, show the relationship of both their father and child facing difficulties such as different opinion on each other and on their ideas. In Manning’s essay,” Arm Wrestling with My Father” he explains a story about his complicated relationship with his father as they both show their bonds with games of strength such as arm wrestling. At first the son views the arm wrestling 's as obstacles he must face, however as the son and father progress, the son changes his views on the arm wrestling 's as ways that the son and father bond. For Vowell’s essay,” Shooting Dad” she shows the distance her father and her have as they both grow different views of morals and interest. However, as the story continues, Vowell ends up showing is how similar she is to her gun-loving father and how much of an effect it has on her. Both stories focus on their bonds with their father’s and how each relationship goes through a misunderstanding. On the other hand, both stories’ situations are shown to be different as in Manning’s he has to overcome an obstacle to reconnect with his dad, as for Vowell having to discover what makes both of them connected. Both stories show how each one are prevented from connecting with their fathers as well as the way they overcome that. In both novel’s, Vowell and Manning both are stuck in complications in which both authors’ feel distant from their fathers. For Manning, his father showed his love through physical connection…

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