Analysis Of Arlie Hochschild 's ' The Second Shift ' Essay

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Social changes are happening drastically. Marriages are completely different these days with two job couples on the rise. In Arlie Hochschild’s book The Second Shift she focuses on two job couples that spend an “extra month” on house duties. The second shift pertains to the work that is done outside of their actual job. So, like taking care of the kids, cleaning house, cooking dinner, etcetera. Hochschild ran into a dilemma early on in her career as a professor. She had a working husband and they had just recently had a baby themselves. Battling between her career and home life she grew curious. Curious on how everyday people juggle these things. With the changes that had occurred by the 1980s many women had joined the workforce. That meant less moms at home to take care of the children, the housekeeper gone most of the day, the one that prepared the dinners was no longer there to prepare the dinner until late at night, and that meant that husbands were dealing with exhausted wives. Hochschild biggest question was, how are families coping with this? That is when she went on to decide interviewing families of different races and demographic lifestyles. When the interviews began she quickly realized that most of the women in these situations were completely exhausted and received little to no help from their significant others. One national random sample of 1,243 working parents in forty-four American cities, conducted in 1965-66 by Alexander Szalai and his coworkers, for…

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