Analysis Of Aristotle's Description Of Women In Society

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In Aristotle’s description of women in society, he indicates the reasons why men are more dominant than women in societal affairs and hence its structure. As human history has shown repetitively since its formation, this has been the case. “The male is by nature superior, and the female inferior; the one rules and the other is ruled.” Therefore, Aristotle is simple detailing actuality and nature. Men have imposed their strength and will in society over women, slaves and inferior cultures. To rule, politically or in economically, the ideal leader must be aggressive, objective, and undetached from its subject. “The courage of a man is shown in commanding (108)” this means choices and decisions to resolve societal issues are often difficult to make and require sometimes cruel actions which men are more adept to make than women. …show more content…
Aristotle correctly states that, “women should not be made more like men, as in Plato’s republic” since women are emotional, caring, and compassionate and these traits are valuable and essential to society’s existence. As shown by a large-scale study by a research team at the University of Basel, gsing fMRI data from 696 test subjects, the researchers were also able to show that stronger appraisal of negative emotional image content by the female participants is linked to increased brain activity in motoric regions. One researches explains, “This result would support the common belief that women are more emotionally expressive than men,” states Dr. Klara Spalek, lead author of the study. Due to their nature, women’s “best condition

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