Essay on Analysis Of Aristotle 's Politics By Aristotle

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In Politics by Aristotle, he defines how a city, or polis, should be run and how wealth can be acquired as well as how each city should be defined. A person’s relationship may be affected by what class they were born into, for example, slaves are central to creating and maintaining a polis. Of course while the city is built on people and their relationships, it still needs rules and regulations to keep these people in order. It is discussed in book three who is doing the ruling and electing which maintains a city. Being in a polis provides true happiness because it provides all the necessities of human association.
At the start of book one Aristotle defines the purpose of a city and what must be done in order for it to run properly. The citizens of a community must come together and work efficiently in order for the city-state to prosper. The prosperity and success of a community are measured by the happiness of it’s citizens. This is because communities are modeled after a family dynamic and a family works until its needs are fulfilled. “But when when several families are united, and the association aims at something more than the supply of daily needs, the first society to be formed us the village.”(Aristotle, II) Becoming a village is the first step to becoming a city-state as a city-state is made up of several villages- this is a natural process that must happen in order for a community to progress. All parts must be present and in a quality condition, if a part of the…

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