Analysis Of ' Ari Memoir Of A Bilingual Childhood And A Plague Of Tics

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In the stories “Aria:Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood, A Plague of Tics and Once More to the Lake” the families have many similarities on how they react with each other but each family does it differently. The mothers’ involvement in their children’s education was very similar but just in different ways. In dealing with a supportive father it lacks in all families except in “Once More to the Lake.” Another thing the families do but differently is how the sibling unifies. Also, the teachers’ involvement in the families’ lives is different in each story. The way each family interacts with outsiders is very different. Each family is all similar but yet different in the same manner. In “Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood and A Plague of Tics” the mother are presently there and actively involved in their children 's education. As stated in the text, “Ahora, speak to us en ingles, my father and mother united tell us.”(Rodriguez 329) After being told by the nun to encourage their kids to speak English at home, Rodriguez parent made it a house to rule to speak English at home. While in “Plague of Tics”, Ms.sedaris manipulates David’s teachers to ignore talking about David disabilities. As stated in the text, “The kid 's wound too tight, but he 'll come out of it. So what do you say another scotch Katherine.” (Sedaris 366) A father is present in all the family, but none was really there for their family except for one. The fathers in “Once more to the…

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