Analysis Of Arduino Education

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Literature reviewed & Background
The transformation of learning method from high school to university may not be quickly adapted by many students. Some skills, especially programming may be a difficult one for them to learn (Feldgen&Clúa, 2004). It asks them to spend more time on self-directed learning and constantly practice instead of relying much on the lectures and teachers. It is a big issue for colleges to encourage motivation and engagement for the first year students (Lee & Hammer, 2011).
Many students are interested in programming, there is no doubt that step-through is a useful way to learn it because students can understand what the individual lines of code accomplish as well as an appreciation of how everything work together. In
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Arduino is an open source platform includes both software and hardware which attracted millions of developers. (Oxer & Blemings, 2010) The application I designed called ‘Arduino Education’, it combines both the visual ways and codes to help users who program the Arduino, they can easily get the feedback for each line they click and watch the teaching videos for every example. However, the projects in the application are just as an inspiration of how to apply those techniques, users are encouraged to adapt them to suit their own needs. They will also have their own accounts to store learning notes every time they use the application. ‘Arduino Education’ adapts the need of modern education, it is of great significance both to the teachers teaching reform and students actively …show more content…
The first part was used to get some background details from the participants and the other two parts aimed at finding useful features for the application.
According to the result of the questionnaire, nearly 80% of participants can acquire a new programming language less than a month.
Most people hold the idea that ‘practice’ is the most important way for programming and they think ‘read others code, professional books and tutorial’ is also very important.’ Lecture and video’ is less important according to the questionnaire.
Additionally, some participants give the suggestion that ‘hints’ ‘more examples’ ‘previous knowledge’ ‘a good debugger’ ‘more practice work’ ‘sample code’ and ‘tutorial works’ can help people with their coding ability and program for the Arduino. More importantly, a large number of participants referred that the visual feedback is very important to them. They have the opinion that if the application can combine the visual and code together and guide them to program step by step with examples, it will be very useful.


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