Cold War Commercial Analysis

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Apple’s not so Cold War
Now and then comes an exceptional commercial that you will never forget, not only because of the production but its strategies. Since they can define your view on a brand for years to come. That sensation is the one I had when I watched “1984” ad from Apple. Before the “.com” boom of the 1990s, the front line for tech companies was personal computers. Indeed, the biggest player at the time was “big blue”, IBM. However, competitors are coming along the way such as Apple. In 1983, during the Super Bowl XVIII aired the “1984” commercial which introduces a new product from Apple, the Macintosh. Ridley Scott was the director, at the time directed different science fiction movies such as Alien or Blade Runner but nowadays
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Instead of just being amazing of one of the first Hollywood production grade commercial we are able to appreciate the details and glimpse of the thought process that might have went into realizing this commercial. Another details which is interesting about this ad is its results for the sales of Macintosh. Unfortunately, the product itself, even though revolutionary because of how it opened the door to individuals to have computer outside of business, was not a success. But this commercial stays even at this day one of the most memorable commercial of all time and instead of helping only the Macintosh it helping support the image of Apple as a brand decades after. However, after discovering the reason behind every detail of the commercial question are being raised such as :”If this much unconscious messages are in one commercial what else are they trying to pass as a message ?”. We are left wondering how much are we really aware in our daily choices ? This analysis begs the question how different would we be when it comes to choosing items to buy would be be without commercials ? As a culture have we underestimated the power of suggestion our television have. As powerful or as dangerous this medium can be I don’t believe any law should try to control this art. Indeed, any idea going towards the control or the censorship would go against the first

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