Analysis Of Apium Graveolens Extract

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Register to read the introduction… The plant will be sliced to pieces. The slices will be dried at room temperature for 2 days. After drying, it will be macerated into powder. Two extraction method will be utilized, Soxhlet extraction and decoction. Soxhlet extraction will be followed using methanol as the solvent. The powdered material will be placed in the Soxhlet extractor and will be diluted to different …show more content…
0.5ml of platelet poor plasma (PPP) will be obtained within 30 min to avoid the leakage of cellular components. Three aliquots consisting 50uL of PPP aliquot will be separated, 50uL of the extract with three different concentrations will be mixed and another 100uL of PPP aliquot will be the reference control. The aliquots will be incubated at 37 degrees Celsius for 10 and 3 minutes respectively. 200 ml of the reagent that has been incubated will be added to the aliquots; subsequently the timer will be started. The tubes will be constantly mixed as soon as there is formation of gel, the timer will be stopped and it will be recorded. The procedure will be repeated for three trials (Angeles et. al., 2013)

Microscopic Examination Wedge smears diluted with the extract, stained with Wright’s stain, will be viewed under a microscope to examine the preservation of cell size and shape. It will be compared with the smears made from the EDTA tube as the reference control.
5.5.1 Statistical Analysis The data gathered will be analyed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). This test will determine whether the different concentrations of the extract has a significant difference between the variables of the experiment.

5.6 Data Analysis

Prothrombin Time | Sample 1 | Sample 2 | 10% Extract | 13.4 s | 12.9 s | 13 s | 9s | 10s | 12.2s | 30% Extract | 11.1s | 14.6s | 11.1 s | 13s |

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