Analysis Of Anzia Yezierska 's Novel Bread Giver Essay

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In Anzia Yezierska’s novel Bread Giver, the author tells the story of Sara Smolinsky. Sara is a young girl living in New York in the 1920’s. Her Jewish family lives in poverty while her father, Reb, studies the Torah and Sara’s mother, Shena, and older sisters, Bessie, Mashah, and Fania, struggle to find work to feed the family. Reb’s refusal to work and superior behavior divides his family and leaves the women to do whatever they can to leave his home. When Sara decided to leave her parents’ home and become a teacher she struggles with family obligation versus independence and the isolation of single young women seeking an education. From a young age Sara was exposed to the financial struggle of her family. She was taught that it was expect of women from a Jewish family to work and support the men of the while they studied their religion. Because watched as her sisters and mother struggled to keep work in order to bring in an income which would keep them sheltered and fed. Once her sister had been married off she took on the responsibility of caring for her father. Her father’s constant citisizum and belittling of her decisions eventually drove her to leave home. Unlike her sister Sara did not want to rely on marriage to get her away. She set out to be independent and get an education. While she worked to achieve her goal the pressure of caring for her family was always weighing on her. On a cold night Sara’s mother traveled for hours to bring her a feather bed to keep…

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