Essay on Analysis Of Anzia Yezierska 's Novel Bread Givers

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Bread Givers Midterm Essay Assignment

Anzia Yezierska’s autobiographical novel Bread Givers focuses on the life of a Jewish family facing Americanization. Americanization is identifying with American traditions and culture in its place of former customs. Yezierska represents the act of Americanization in her novel by concentrating on the events of the Smolinsky family encounters. Throughout the novel, there are underlining themes of the act and process of Americanization. Anzia Yezierska highlights the meaning of Americanization by exhibiting the hunger to dream, the yearning of dependence, a wish to belong and the desire to be loved. The hunger to dream is visible in the novel with the main character Sara’s dream and wish for a better life than the one she has grown up with. Sara, the youngest child of her family is extremely observant and has an onlooker perspective on her family. While Sara at times is stubborn and relentless, her dreams are abstract and specific. Sara has specific goals to finish school and become a teacher. Sara takes on the challenging task of going back to school and finishing with a degree. Although it is not easy working and going to school, Sara manages to pay for her schooling and graduate. After she finishes college, she then is able to fulfill her dreams of becoming a schoolteacher. A yearn for dependence is present with all the daughters of the Smolinsky family. The oldest daughter Bessie, overworked and always home cooking and doing…

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