Analysis Of Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town

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Register to read the introduction… The first line (which, is, in general, the manner by which his poems are identified, because they lack any title other than the number by which they were ordered in their original publication) itself is adequate introduction to Cummings’ style. What appears to be a mish-mash of verbs, nouns and adjectives leaves the read with a distinct, visceral experience despite that disorganization (or reorganization). This is not by chance: the meter, decapitalization, and consonance have already worked their magic to convey a pictorial and emotional message. That is the Cummings hallmark: “How” creates “what.

The “how town” in which “anyone” lives seems, by using “how” as an adjective to describe the town, to raise a question; the expectation for the reader is that this will somehow be resolved in the course of the poem. The poem does, in fact raise a question: Why does humanity forget what it means to be human? This theme, common to
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In the case of “anyone”, the townspeople find him peculiar, and therefore undesirable. They care for him “not at all” (6). Spontaneity, an attribute “anyone” exhibits as he “sang his didn’t”, makes one unpredictable, and conformity deplores the unpredictable (4). It is this same quality which endears him to “noone”, who “loves him more by more” (12). The penalty of ostracism appears not to affect “anyone”, who continues his joyful pursuit of life, whether in hardship or as he “danced his did” in abundance (4). His apparent disconcern toward the townspeople is qualitatively different from their indifference towards him: his insouciance stems from being caught up with zest for life and love, rather than with the opinions others may have of

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