Analysis Of Anton Chekhov 's ' Exile ' Essay

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In Exile” is a short story written by Anton Chekhov and is based on his real life experiences. This is one of the few stories that arose directly from Chekhov 's extended trip to Sakhalin Island in 1890 (Coulehan). He carefully recorded the misery of the inhabitants of the five-hundred-mile long island by speaking up to 160 people each day (Gale). Chekhov tells a story of several men that are in exile and the exchange that takes place between two of the men. A third-person narrator tells us, “Old Semyon, whose nickname was preacher, and a young tartar, whose name no one knew, were sitting by a campfire on the bank of the river” (Chekhov 111).
The first character, Preacher, is not what many would expect. Despite the name, he does not preach of a finer life. In fact, he believes that all of the men should accept what has happened and what their life is now. Preacher claims the uselessness of family and everyday normal living. He wants others to embraces their lifestyle like he does his. He believes god should give everyone a life like his. He even tells the tartar “…And God give everyone such a life. I don’t want anything... The way I see it, there is no man richer or freer than I am.” (Chekhov 112). He even continues to tell the tartar to not want anything like him. He sees his life as free because he does not have responsibilities nor does he possess anything. He has nothing holding him down making him “free” although he is in exile. Even though the Preacher keeps to his…

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