Analysis Of Anton Chekhov 's ' Chekhov ' Essay examples

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Throughout history authors have always been an eminent part of society whether through their formal pieces or ones written for leisure. In current day there are multiple influential authors recognized internationally due to their prominence. Author Anton Chekhov has shown an extensive talent and proven his place among these influential authors through his works as a playwright and his short stories. Born in 1860 and living until 1904, the Russian author focused on writing stories which seemed monotonous and unfulfilling to unveil his character’s desires and characteristics. In order for a reader to fully understand the story and the characters, Chekhov used a technique modernly referred as Chekhov’s gun to emphasize the details of the story and how they were important overall. The whole concept of Chekhov’s stories were used to recognize ordinary life and his characters’ failure to change rather than actual change. While these influences made the stories seem without a concrete or dramatic ending, in reality they all did conclude. The inability for the characters to change leads to the idea of zero endings. Chekhov’s zero endings can be categorized into anti-epilogues focusing on life after the events, reverse epilogues focusing on past events hinting to the future, and external climaxes focusing on “dead ends” and the characters realization after the events of the story have taken place. In his stories both “The Lottery Ticket” and “The Darling” illustrates Chekhov’s gun as…

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