Analysis Of `` Anthem `` By Ayn Rand Essay

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I am, I think, I will Throughout one’s life, they have specific rights and freedom that no one can take away. The privilege to choose, learn, discover, feel happiness. Nobody can assess which job is ideal for you, how to learn or to what extent, nor can prevent you from appreciating pride, disclosure or interest. No one can determine who to pick for your companions or loved one nor they have the right to appraise you how to act or what to think. In this novella “Anthem” written by “Ayn Rand”, the main character Equality 7-2521 challenges and tries to overcome all the conflicts to discover his individuality. The narrator had several diversions and aversions in the society. Despite the fact, there are a significant number of reasons, the explanations behind Equality’s personality traits were the Saint of Pyre, the house from the unmentionable time and the society’s decisions. These reasons are tremendously imperative since they triggered a thought regarding individualism and that there’s a chance of a future of happiness and knowledge to anticipate. With the aid of all these reasons, Equality was able to come to a conclusion that there’s more that he can enjoy in his life and not undergoing the routine life of street sweeper nor living in the collectivist society.
The speaking of the unspeakable word is the only crime punishable by death in Equality 7-2521’s society. The transgressor dared to use the unspeakable word and brought that word back into the premises of the…

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