Essay on Analysis Of Annette Lareau 's ' Unequal Childhoods '

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Annette Lareau is the sociologist who authored the book “Unequal Childhoods”. Lareau is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley, where she graduated with a PhD in Sociology. She has taught Sociology as a professor in multiple universities across the United States, and currently the she is the professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. For her work “Unequal Childhoods” she received the Sociology of Culture Best Book Award and the Best Book Length Contribution to Family Sociology Award from the American Sociological Association, which as of June 2012 she is the current President. “Unequal Childhoods” is Lareau’s naturalistic study of twelve families which were white, black, and interracial, and the ways in which social class impacted family life and the lives of their children. The study focused on children attending two distinct schools, Lower Richmond which consisted predominantly lower, working class children and The Swan School which was attended by mainly middle class children,
Lareau’s fascinating study followed and documented the development of children from both of the schools, from varying social classes. She points out the ideas that middle and lower class families have of language, activities, and interactions with institutions. These values that families hold correlates with the two parenting philosophies that Lareau identifies different social class families choose to utilize. Throughout her study, Lareau discusses concerted…

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