Analysis Of Anita Desai 's ' Desai ' Essay

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Anita Desai is an Indian author known for her novels and children 's books. She grew up in India while it was occupied by Great Britain. She grew up in the time era known as the Age of Imperialism. This is where many powerful countries conquered weaker ones around the world ("The Definition of"). She was exposed to English, thus Desai 's writing has always been in English. With the wide range of imperialism, Desai 's works has reached a wider audience. Imperialism has influenced Desai 's writing style by giving her the inspiration to write about imperialist India and the lives of Indian people.

Desai was born on June 24, 1937 in Mussoorie, India. She grew up under the care of her mother who was German and her father who was Bengali (British Council Literature). This allowed her experience India as both an insider and outsider. This later helped her with her writing. Desai could write about her experiences growing up as an Indian, as well as use her German background to write about India as an outsider. With these different viewpoints, she was able to use it to her advantage to reach a deeper meaning with her works. She began writing at the age of nine when one of her submissions to a children 's magazine was published. This exposed her to literature and helped her develop her writing style earlier on. She later attended Delhi University and received a BA with honors in English Literature in the year 1957 (Encyclopedia of World). She married Ashvin Desai in 1958 and has…

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