Analysis Of Angela Davis 's ' An Anarchist 's Point Of View '

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In an anarchist’s point of view, Angela Davis is one of the many anarchists that fought for prison reform. Anarchists have been disagreeing with the way the government is controlling society; they believe society does not need the government at all. The government is implementing laws protecting themselves and the rich. In today’s society, children are committing crime. Their solution is putting them in juvenile, which is another form of prison for minors. The government believes that locking up criminals, including children in prison is their way of teaching them or helping them to learn from their mistakes.
Typically, one of the main purposes of anarchists is standing up for themselves and be the voice of the people by standing up for their right. Anarchists are not only fighting to set innocent prisoners free because of the prison conditions, but most of them were able to experience it. They realize that they either need to reform the system or get rid of it. Since chaos could take place if they eliminate the system, a better option would be developing and improving alternatives such as programs and probation. Although developing programs, workshops and classes to help inmates are expensive; their system is still disorganized due to the lack of food, clothing, and medical attention. These inmates may have committed a crime, but they still deserve support from the government as any human being. This when anarchists and reformists come together to develop new alternatives…

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